Advanced search: regain control of your business information

author Sugester Team , 2016-03-18
(c) by Uwe Hermann, 2006

Lack of information is rarely an issue for modern businesses. The real problem is making sense of the information you have - there's usually so much of it that getting a hold of it seems impossible. It's hard to make rational decisions when your business communications, notes and records are scattered across multiple services and user accounts.

Sugester helps you collect all this data, such as emails, notes, calendars, shared documents, in a single place. Still: collecting isn't enough. Only data that's searchable and understandable is actually useful. This is where we come in: Sugester includes a powerful search functionality that lets you easily manage all the info that you need to make the right calls.

First let's take a look at the search capabilities available for your tasks and emails. The advanced search panel looks like this:

As you can see, all of your posts and tasks can be sorted and search by such criteria as person responsible, project, client, type, creator, priority, status, kind, category, date and more. This makes finding the information with pinpoint accuracy a breeze.

Another valuable feature is the ability to search and sort your client/lead databse using two bethods: criteria and conditions. The criteria search interface looks like so:

This panel allows you sort your clients by status, tags, category, department and person resposible; you can use as many or as few criteria as you want. You can also simply type a query into the search box and perform a simple keyword lookup.

Searching by condition is just as powerful: you can take advantage of multiple match types to any (or all) of your database fields and quickly get to the most relevant info:

In the above example the search will display all leads which are not named ACME, whose note does not contain the word 'overdue' and no particular person is responsible for. You can set the system to either match any or all of these conditions.

The same advanced search tools can be used to search your chat archive, making it an invaluable resource for training or review purposes. Another useful feature is the ability to view your entire team's agendas on a single calendar, thus allowing you to easily choose a good time for a meeting.

So, would you like to start managing your business information better? Start your 30-day trial now and see how much Sugester can improve your information management!