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VoIP telephony helps you save time and money. No more juggling mobile and landline phones - you can answer all your work calls right in the browser.

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Simple setup

No need to change phone numbers or buy new ones - just reroute your calls to Sugester.

Work without distractions

Sugester integrates e-mail, chat and phone services in one app - there's no need to divide your attention between multiple windows or devices.

Perfect clarity

Sugester keeps an annotatable log of all your calls so that you can avoid future misunderstandings.

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Sugester VoIP - business calls made easier

Complete concentration

Doing work on a computer offers plenty of distractions as it is - there's no need to add more. Sugester cuts down on information clutter by integrating e-mail, phone calls and chat conversations in a single app. There's no need to keep switching between screens, apps and tabs - you can have it all in one place.


No need to read between the lines

Misunderstandings are the enemy of successful business conversations. So are forgotten details and calls without follow-ups. This is why Sugester maintains a detailed log of all your phonecalls, and gives you the option to easily add notes and summaries to each entry. Staying on top of your business calls has never been easier!


Always know who you're dealing with

When you answer a call in Sugester our app automatically pulls up a client sheet with all the relevant info. Starting from the caller's name, through purchase history, to your notes - you'll always be able to make the right, data-based call.


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