Sugester Changelog

Dedicated, minimalistic widget for your web-app + knowledge base page to keep your clients updated.

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Sugester Changelog is a minimalistic widget which allows you to get news about your product in front of your users. Just copy and paste a simple script!

About Sugester Changelog

Knowledge base integration

The widget automatically downloads new articles from a selected category in your knowledge base - you don't have to do anything manually.

Minimalist aesthetics

Sugester Changelog is a small, handsome widget - bold enough to be noticed, but subtle enough not to overwhelm your app's layout.

Full customization

Customizing the widget is a simple as writing a few lines of CSS.

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Delightfully simple installation

Adding the Sugester Changelog widget to your website or app is as simple as it can be. Just copy and paste a single line of code. Done!


Always up to date

Sugester changelog is a simple way to inform your users about new features, events and any other changes. It's a great way to improve feature discovery and keep in touch with your customers!

changelog notifier

Knowledge base integration

Changelog updates take place automatically based on new knowledge entries. No need to create additional content and add another item to your agenda - the changelog is always up to date.


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