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Our embeddable chat is a convenient way of getting in touch with your customers at exactly the right time. Not all potential customers will make the effort to call or email you. Having a chat window in the corner of the screen lowers the communication barrier and makes lead collection easier. Chatting is convenient for your employees, too - typing quick replies is less stressful than answering phones and e-mails.

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Turnkey solution

There is almost no setup involved. Just paste a short snippet of code into your website's source and you're done!

Familiar interface

With Sugester there's no steep learning curve. Our interface is simple and familiar - you'll feel at home right away.

Get it in writing

Chat transcripts are stored on your account and can easily be accessed at any time. Never forget to follow up on a customer conversation again!

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Never miss a word

A comprehensive archive of chat transcripts can have many uses. You can utilize it to train new employees, refrence it to learn from past mistakes, or just keep it handy in case of a miscommunication. This is why Sugester automatically saves and stores the contents of all your chat conversations in a convenient, searchable format.


Always be available

Do you know how many potential customers leave your page because they couldn't find an answer to some of their questions? Don't count on them calling or emailing you - instead provide them with a convenient, frictionless contact option by including an embedded chat on your website. Increase customer enagagement and transforms leads into sales with our chat widget!


Painless productivity

Live chats are much less formal and stressful then e-mail and phone conversations. Typing in a chat window can provide both your employees and customers with a chance to communicate quickly and effectively, without the need to resort to other, more time-consuming communication channels.


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