Sugester or Suggester?

author Sugester Team , 2015-05-19

The platform which we call 'Sugester' used to be something significantly smaller. Many years ago we had a very simple idea. Since companies can really benefit from communicating with their customers, we created a tool to do just that. We called it a 'Suggestions Forum'. A Suggestions Forum is a place for customers to submit their problems, questions and - you guessed it - suggestions. From there, our software evolved and finally became what it is today - a fully-featured helpdesk with tons of modules. But where did the 'g' go?

Since our entire team is born and based in Poland, we tend to think in Polish. While there are few similarities between Polish and English, the word 'suggestion' happens to be one of them. What English-speaking people call a 'suggestion', we call a 'sugestia' (which sounds like soog-est-yah). Therefore, we figured that something that deals with suggestions should say so right in the name - and we came up with the name 'Sugester'. We didn't anticipate that a missing 'g' could lead to so much confusion. 

The confusion brought along by our choice of spelling leads to another issue - how is the name 'Sugester' pronounced? Everything would be very simple had we not omitted the ever-crucial 'g', but our creativity could not be bound by spellling conventions. Does 'Sugester' sound more like 'super' or 'suggestion'? At this point we honestly don't know. If you'd like to help - all suggestions are much appreciated.


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