Painless CRM deployment

author Sugester Team , 2016-03-25

Are you thinking of moving to a new CRM system (or getting your first one), but just thinking about the deployment nightmare gives you cold sweats? No wonder - migrating data between incompatible applications can be a real pain. But it doesn't have to be that way. At Sugester we believe that transitioning between programs should be easy.

Data fragmentation is a real issue in many modern companies. You probably use multiple apps for working with email, VoIP telephony, task delegation, project planning and managing your company's knowledge base. The list of logins and passwords keeps on growing, and so does the time spent managing multiple apps.

Even if you're aware of the problem and want to change things, sometimes the status quo keeps hold due to sheer inertia. The users are familiar with what they have - however inadequate these solutions may be - and moving them to new software seems like an insourmountable task. Moving the data, deplyoing the new app on multiple workstations, training the users - all these imagined challenges keep you from moving on to something better.

But what if deploying a new CRM could be less annoying - or even just plain uncomplicated? What if your new CRM could replace multiple different apps and save you money and admin time? What if importing data to your new CRM took a couple of minutes and wouldn't require a programmer to do it? Well, there's a way to do that.

First - Sugester can easily replace multiple apps. Our software can be used to send email, manage your customer relationships, delegate tasks, plan projects, generate reports, chat with your clients and build an online knowledge base. Cut down on costs and admin time - now you only have one app to worry about.

Second - migrating to Sugester is as about simple as it gets. Whether you're using Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Zopim, Basecamp or just keep your data in Excel files - the transition will only work minutes. Even better - we'll gladly do it for you if you have any issues.

Third - deploying SUgester won't bring your company to its knees. We believe in speed and simplicity: just invite your staff, import your customer database, set up and email redirect and... you're done. No need to worry about a drawn out migration, hardware maintenance or even licensing - just pay once and use Sugester as much as you need. Don't worry if you need an on-premises version - just drop as a line and we'll contact you with the details.

Fourth - your data always belongs to you and can be exported at any time. We know that sensitive business data has to be treated seriously. This is why we not only adhere to top industry security practices, but also make it as easy as possible for you to export your data. This way you can create as many redundant backups as you need and don't worry about a single point of failure.

Intrigued? Well, there's more - the first 30 days of using Sugester are completely free, with no credit card required. You're withing a few clicks of starting your free trial right now.

So, what are you waiting for? Just do it and sign up now!