Security and Sugester

When we created Sugester we ensured that using Sugester would mean maximum security. With this goal in mind we always use the latest technology and adhere to all the rigorous industry standards which have been adopted by IT Security specialists. Additionally, we adhere to all the requirements which are implemented by the appropriate institutions.

System Login Process. You should only login into Sugester using the official panel on the webpage. Your login and password are submitted when you first register an account in the system. If you have registered using a Facebook account, your credentials are never transferred to Sugester. Upon login using a Facebook account, we only obtain information if your login and password are in accordance with your Facebook account. We can never see your login or password.

Backup Copies. All of the data stored by Sugester - Forum posts, Knowledge database posts, emails, customer profiles and all remaining data - is backed up on a daily basis. Our additional copies are stored on Amazon Web Services servers. For more information about AWS security consult the Amazon website.

Data Encryption. All data that is transmitted between your device and the Sugester servers is encrypted using SSL (TLS). This exact technology is used by banks in their mobile applications. For more information about SSL (TLS) consult websites such as; Wikipeda.

How to ensure you use Sugester safely

  • Have a strong password. Here are a few rules, which you should follow, to create a strong password:
    • Do not use your login as a password (not even if you change the capitalization or order).
    • Do not use your name or surname, or nicknames.
    • Do not use personal information (social security number, phone number etc.).
    • Do not use just numbers or letters
    • Use non-alphabeticals and numbers.
    • Create your password in such a way, that it can be quickly inserted, whilst using keys that are distributed without a pattern on the keyboard.
    • Remember to periodically change your password.
  • Before inserting your data check if the URL is proceeded by 'https'- these indicate that the connection is encrypted.
  • Login to Sugester only from trusted computers and mobile devices.
  • Remember to log out of the system after finishing your session.