Gamification with Sugester - case studies

Lenovo Poland



Lenovo Poland used Sugester's built-in gamification features to run Lenovo Tech Zone - a competition for tech entusiasts. Participants were invited to answer questions about new technologies; the best answers (selected by voting) were rewarded with Lenovo gear and gadgets. Sugester's layout was customized so that it seamlessly fit in with Lenovo's visual identity.

portfolio1, Poland's biggest hosting, domain, and e-commerce solution provider, uses Sugester to continually collect customer feedback. users can submit their ideas, questions and criticisms to a professionaly moderated forum. Submissions can be upvoted, commented on and answered by other users and staff. Thanks to the voting feature has gained a clear overview of the needs of its userbase.


Unizeto Technologies



UniCloud users and enthusiasts were rewarded for inviting their friends to use the service and participating in beta tests. Beta testers were rewarded with points (exchangable for other benefits) for reporting bugs and suggesting improvements.
A Suggestions Forum was also made available to participants. Beta testers and other users could post their ideas and vote on each other's contributions. Unizeto representatives say that the exercise was enormously useful in planning for the platform's future.