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Do you have a service providing company and would you like to obtain repair requests in a convenient fashion? Do you need a solution which will gather information from potential clients? Do you want to measure customers satisfaction with your firm? All these things - and more - can be achieved using the form creation option within Sugester.

How to create a form in Sugester?

Select fields and questions

Our simple, graphical interface will have you create a form within a few minutes.

Publish form

Publish the form on your website or generate a link and email it.

Gather data

Gather and consult your data without using a calculation sheet.

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Get to know all of Sugesters form features

Gather any data

Forms allow you to obtain any type of data. Your clients can pick dates, service models, email addresses, or grades between 1 to 10. Thanks to this Sugester enables you to gather requests and orders, schedule meetings or conduct satisfaction surveys. Sugester can also verify, if the provided data is correct, i.e. a real email address.

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Full customization

Forms can easily be adjusted to fit the design of your website. Your innovative spirit is not limited in any way: to every form you can add your own HTML or CSS code.

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Notifications for You and your Customers

Everytime a form has been completed, an email notification can be generated, both for you as for your customer. Thanks to this both sides will immediately obtain more information, i.e. about a service request. Furthermore, data from the form can be transmitted to Sugester and transformed into a notification within the system.

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Easy distribution

Forms can easily be added to your webpage; all that you have to do is copy the generated code and paste it in the appropriate field. You can also skip this step, by using the by Sugester generated page for your form. A link to the page can be distributed by email.

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Convenient data storage

Any data which has been obtained through your forms is stored in a readable format. It can be accessed at any time - all you have to do is login to Sugester. You will no longer have to worry about sheets, or manual export of data.

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Ready-to-use NPS form

NPS, or Net Promoter Score, allows you to obtain an indicator which shows customer satisfaction and the likelihood of recommendation of your product or service. This popular, allround tool is great for measuring customer satisfaction. Thanks to NPS you will easily measure your customers NFS and find out how to increase it.
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