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Sugester is a webpage and app optimization tool. A simple, unobtrusive tab makes it easy for your users to give you feedback and request new features. This streamlines customer relations and ensures an optimal experience for both your team and your userbase.

How does it work?

Website widget

Just paste it onto your website. The Feedback functionality will immediately become available to your users.

Suggestions forum

Create a community and gather knowledge in a single, curated content base.

Management panel

The forum & tab management module includes notifications, analytics and other useful moderation tools.

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User testimonials

Sugester is an intuitive and affordable tool that quickly gathers feedback about online products. I was especially impressed by the commitment of the team to resolve issues that I submitted. I recommend Sugester to any business with an online presence.
Borys Musielak
Sugester has been with us from the very beginning. Sugester is visible on the page but does not interrupt its visual coherence; it is accessible whenever needed - just as it should be.
Kamil Janiszewski

Why use Sugester?

Find answers quickly

Sugester makes finding answers quick and easy. Relevant search results from the knowledge base pop up as you type.

Shorten response times

Our tools make sure that user queries get to the right team member quickly. This shortens response times and increases customer satisfaction.

Decrease the number of support tickets

Useful content is never wasted. Helpful answers are aggregated and can be re-used to answer similar queries in the future.

Generate free SEO for comparison engines

The Suggestions Forum is a collection of valuable content, which helps your website appear higher in search results.

Lighten customer support workload

User queries can be channeled to top forum contributors. Lighten the workload on your customer support team and create a tight community by rewarding helpful posts.

Make asking for help simple

The suggestions tab is always visible - asking for help is a simple, frictionless experience.





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