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Looking for an email marketing tool? Try Sugester! Our tool will allow you to create, dispatch and analyse any campaign you create.

Email marketing with Sugester

Import your contact database

Sugester enables you to easily import your e-mail database, regardless of the size. XLS and CSV files are supported.

Create and dispatch your campaign

The built-in editor allows for the creation of estetic, responsive emails, and our SMTP infrastructure guarantees a high dispatch rate.

Measure the effectiveness

Sugester is integrated with CRM, whicn enables you to measure the campaigns effectiveness and segment your client database.

Effective email marketing with Sugester

Unlimited mailing

Planning a wide email marketing campaign? Do you possess a huge client which you want to reach? Or perhaps you would like to conduct market research, to check if your idea will have a positive impact on potential clients? All of these goals can easily be achieved using Sugesters unlimited mailing.

Integrate with your own SMTP provider

If you wish to use your own postal infrastructure, or if you are already working with an SMTP provider - there is no issue. Sugester can easily be configured to allow emails to be dispatched using your servers.


There is nothing more satisfying than emails that are sent automatically. This is what autoresponders are for: you only need to write out your reply ones, and Sugester will automatically use it when contacting your clients. When creating autoresponders you can use variables - special phrases, that will prior to dispatch be changed automatically into the appropriate ones. Thanks to this feature you are able to address all of your customers by name, or mention their city name in the subject.

Import customer database

Most likely you already have your own client database. It is also quite possible, that you have obtained a mailing list through a third-party. Now, you want to find out how to email them most effectively. With Sugester this is simple. Our software allows you to import your data using the most popular file types, XLS and CSV.

Graphical editor for emails and HTML

To create an email which will be displayed correctly by almost all major email providers, is a hard task. To help you, Sugesters graphical editor, will automatically adjust your marketing formats so that they will be displayed properlly. Additionally, you can use one of our templates or add your own using HTML.

Status tracking

Sending an email does not suffice. You should monitor if the emails are received by their intended recipients. Sugester allows you to track both if the email has been received and if the intended recipient has opened the email.

CRM integration

The most effective campaigns are those which have been perfectly toned to the recipients expectations. That is why the email Marketing module in Sugester is integrated with CRM, to allow for proper segmentation and analysis of the client database.

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Key features
Customer database Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Product catalog Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Invoices 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users per account 1 1 3 Unlimited
Invoice templates with your own logo
Data import and export
Multiple departments
Companies per account 1 1 3 Unlimited
Reports, charts and graphs -
Warehouses - - 3 Unlimited
Automated payments - -
User privilege controls - -
Online accounting - - -
Access from defined IPs - - -
Other features
Expense management
Generate PDF invoices
Send invoices by email
Invoice status tracking
Income tracking
Cash receipts and disbursements
Custom numbering format -
Unpaid invoices reminder via email -
Recurring invoices - -
User activity tracking - -
Warehouse management
Warehouses - - 3 Unlimited
Warehouse documents - -
Payment tracking -
Reminders and notifications -
Banking - -
Automated payments - -
International features
All world currencies
ECB exchange rates
Custom exchange rate
Multilingual invoices
Interface languages: EN, FR, DE, ES, PL
Account management
Mobile app for IOS
Guest panel for your clients - -
CSS template customization -
Custom email template -
Custom invoice templates - -
Custom email templates per department - - -
Custom domain - - -
Technical features
E-commerce integration
SSL encryption
API access

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