Sugester: CRM for advertising agencies,
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Sugester is an integrated tool to manage sales and
work in your agency

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Are you looking for CRM software that will work well with your advertising, interactive or SEM/SEO agency? Try Sugester today! We have a lot of clients from this branch who have given us their trust, as such you are guaranteed that our system will suit your needs.

Here is how Sugester will streamline the work in your agency

Easy contact import

Sugester is an effortless integration - within a few minutes you will upload your XLS or CSV file with your customer data.

Transparent customer profile

Sugester automatically gathers any notes, emails, phone calls, or chats and stores them in the customer profile.

Inbox and email servicing

Sugester enables you to control your inbox from any domain (including group domains) as well as mass mailing, even up to many thousand recipients.

Sugester CRM Key Features


Client Database

With Sugester you can easily import or create a client database. For each client you can easily add, notes from meetings, tasks, and contact details. Clients can also be distinguished using categories, by status or through the use of tags. The client card will display the entire interactive history: emails, chats and phone calls. Our CRM system allows you to add custom fields, thanks to this feature you can adjust Sugester to your firms requirements!


Email Management

Email is the most popular channel for business communication, unfortunately, email management is a time consuming process. Sugester simplifies your own email processing, as well as, the management of grouped emails such as "". Thanks to features such as "send and remind", priority queues, email assistant, autoresponder, notification numbering and assigning correspondence to other users, you will grasp back control over your firms emails. You will not have to cancel or change your already existing addresses - easily attach existing inboxes to your Sugester account.


Built-in email marketing and marketing automation

There is no need for the purchase or to learn multiple systems to connnect email marketing with your CRM. Sugesters built-in email marketing module, allows for the creation of first-and-second stage marketing campaigns which can be directed to the clients in your database. You will also easily be able to email an external database: It suffices, if you import an XLS file with email addresses or paste them into Sugester.

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Tools for planning and billing labor

Sugester is an extensively robust tool for task delegation, verification, execution and timely settling of labor expenses. Each task in Sugester can be described, given a priority level, allows for attachments, assgined a deadline, allocated to a client nad linked to a bigger project. For the purpose of settling accounts with your employees or clients, you can generate timesheets - a labor card, which contains a list of all completed tasks alongside a description and the allocated time for its completion.


Knowledge database and chat for your clients

A major issue with SEM/SEO is the fact that many clients fail to understand the effects which your agency conducts for them. A great way for tackling this issue is the creation of a Sugester Knowledge Database. Your customers will be able to find information which will help them better understand your offer and the scope of your services.

Another channel for you and your clients is through the use of chat, which can effortlessly be added to your website. It will allow prospect an easy to reach source of information on your products/services - you on other hand will be able to gather data from potential clients.


Forms and NPS research

It is worth to create a contact form on your website, it will allow prospects to leave their contactdetails or to schedule a meeting or product demo. With Sugester you can easily create such a form, and attach it to your website. It will automatically gather data and directly put it into your CRM.

Another valuable feature is NPS research, or Net Promoter Score - this highly rated customer satisfaction research tool will allow you to easily determine how happy your customers are with your services.