Our website, for your convenience and in order to store information about using the service, uses cookie files. Learn more about cookies and which ones we’re using on our websites/mobile app.

What are cookies?

Cookies are information sent and saved by/on your computer, laptop or smartphone, whilst you’re visiting a website. They contain computer data necessary for proper functioning of a website. Cookies ensure proper functioning for browsers, websites, online shops etc.

Whilst using a website or mobile app, we collect information that may contain personal data. We use them for performing certain actions only e.g. remembering your visits on a website or presenting information about a service, that you might be interested in.

We use temporary and persistent cookies:

  • temporary cookies - files left on you device until you log out from a website or close your browser;
  • persistent cookies - data collected by this cookies is saved in browser history for a certain period of time, which you can identify in your browser settings. They make it easier to navigate websites you visit frequently, because they remember layout, language, resolution etc.

Types of cookies:

  • technical cookies - necessary for proper website functioning, that’s why they’re always on. They allow to remember when you visited us, how did you get here (identifying the website, that brought you here) and what are you preferences. They allow to recognize your device and display the website properly, which makes it more adjusted to your needs (language, layout etc.)
  • external - placed by external services used by us. They allow to collect anonymous and general data about statistics, with use of analytic tools like Google Analytics, which makes it easier to learn, how users navigate websites and what needs to be improved. They also enable to connect with social networks and allow to share, comment or react in social media.
  • advertising and pixel tags - this type of cookies allows to adjust displaying advertisements for your preferences and study efficiency of advertising (e.g. counting how many people clicked in it).

What disabling cookies in your browser may cause?

Disabling cookies in your browser may cause inconvenience whilst using a website. It won’t remember your language preferences, time zone or resolution. It will also display advertisements incompatible with your interests.

Cookies management

Please remember that you can always change cookies’ settings. You can do that by selecting your browser’s settings.

How to disable cookies in: