Partner program

Find out how you can earn by promoting Sugester
or to prolong your subscription without cost!

Partner Program

Learn how much you can earn by promoting Sugester or use the system for free!

Why you should become a partner?

Sugester is a complex tool for managing relations with customers. It's mostly recommended for companies working in B2B segment, which sells their products and services to other companies. You can easily run all of your departments from one place. Depending on your needs, Sugester also gives opportunity to adjust particular features of the system to your kind of business.

Who can join our Partner Program?

Companies, as well as private individuals who work on a daily basis with business partners, can become our partners. If you want to join our Partners, recommend our product and earn money for it, just create the account in Sugester and get your affiliative link. You can paste it on your website or just send it to people, to whom you recommend Sugester. Each time, when a new client signs up with the link and pays for the accout, 30% of the payment will go to your financial envelope.

What kind of bonuses will you get?

By joining our Partner Program you receive a modern tool for managing your company, you recommend the system that meets your customers expectations, and with all that you also provide yourself a steady income.

How to become a Partner?

Send an email at Let us know, that you want to cooperate and we'll show you, where you can find your Partner's link. If you don't know Sugester very well yet, just sign up and test the system for free for a whole month! After this period you'll see, how much you need Sugester for you and your customers, paste the affiliative link on your website or just send it directly to your clients.

How to check recommendation status?

In your Sugester's account we give you the access to the administrator panel, where you can check how many accounts were created with your link, and how many of them were paid. It allows you to monitor the amount of money you will receive from us.

Sugester for free

You already have your Sugester's account? Recommend our system to the others and use the resources to top it up. You can use the money to pay for your account and enjoy Sugester free of charge. Just let us know and we'll make it happen.

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

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