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OperatorsHow many people can be answering chats 3 3 5 10
DomainsHow many domains you can use Sugester live chat under 1 1 3 10
WidgetsHow many widgets (with unique tokens) can be associated with your account 1 1 3 5
ConversationsHow many customers you can serve on your chat each month 100 500 2000 10000
Embeddable widgetOur chat can be easily embedded in your website - just paste a short snippet of code and start chatting right away! tak tak tak tak
Customization Make Sugester live chat your own! Take advantage of our extensive customization options to create a consistent experience across your website. none basic advanced total
Live site viewSugester is more then just a live chat. You can also have a live view of what the visitors on your website are doing, including what page they are on. limited basic detailed very detailed
Multiple languages Our live chat app is available in English, Spanish, German and Polish. We can also give you access to our translation interface if you need another language - just contact us at - tak tak tak
Persistent sessions Maintain continuity of conversations across multiple sessions and long periods of time. Returning visitors will be identified and you will be able to see the content of your previous exchanges. - tak tak tak
Visitor lookup If your visitor has an entry in your customer database, its contents will automatically pulled up. This way you always know exactly who you're talking to and can act accordingly. - tak tak tak
Searchable archive All chat conversations are saved on your Sugester account. You can easily use them for training, reference or any other purpose you can think of. tak tak tak tak
Visual & audio notifications Quick responses are the key to customer satisfaction. Sugester will notify you with both a sound and a visual reminder in your browser tab every time a new message appears. tak tak tak tak
Offline messagesProviding 24/7 support is not always an option. This is why Sugester live chat makes it easy for your visitors to leave you messages even when you're offline. You can reply either by e-mail or in the chat window (assuming they return). - tak tak tak
Online tech supportAlthough our app is very easy to use, occasional issues are unavoidable. To guarantee you the best experience possible, our agents are happy to answer all your questions by chat and email. tak tak tak tak
Knowledge base accessOur knowledge base is an up-to-date, constantly maintained and complete resource about any and all topics related to Sugester. And it's free! tak tak tak tak
Real-time typing preview*Our chat allows you to see whether your visitor is typing - and what. This makes conversations smoother and more personal.

*Available starting 12/2015.
- tak tak tak
Business hoursFew businesses work around the clock. Sugester's live chat lets you set your business hours - the chat will be visible only during this time. This helps avoid customer frustration due to unanswered chats. - tak tak tak
Pre-chat formIt's nice knowing who you're talking to. Sugester's pre-chat form allows you to ask your visitors to provide some information (e.g. their name, email or issue) before connecting with an operator. tak tak tak tak
WhitelabelDon't want your visitors to know that you're using a third-party solution? Just take advantage of our whitelabel option and remove Sugester's branding with just a few clicks. - - tak tak
Operators How many people can use your account at the same time 3 3 5 10
ClientsHow many entries you can have in your client database 100 1000 20000 50000
SpaceHow much cloud storage is available on your Sugester account 1 GB 5 GB 20 GB 50 GB
Import/exportThe ability to upload and download data to and from your Sugester account tak tak tak tak
Own domainMake your CRM account available from a custom web address, such as - - tak tak
Customization Change Sugester's look and feel to better suit your preferences - - - tak
Email integrationThere's no need to use separate apps for customer relationship management and email. Setup Sugester to send and receive email from your business mailbox and streamline your daily workflow! tak tak tak tak
Task managementInvite your co-workers to Sugester to make teamwork easier than ever. Assign tasks, plan projects and more - all from the same, simple interface. tak tak tak tak
Project management Project management is the hottest new craze in business - and a useful tool for professionals. Sugester gives you a project management solution the way it should be - simple, snappy and intuitive. tak tak tak tak
Project templates Some 'projects' (collections of tasks) have a way of repeating themselves. Just click on 'Create similar' to duplicate an existing project and create a new one with similar parameters. tak tak tak tak
Time tracking It's always a good idea to know here your time is going. With Sugester you can either track your time automatically, or manually add timesheet entries - it's all up to you. tak tak tak tak
Reporting Information is useless until you organize it in a coherent way. Sugester's built-in reporting makes sense of all kinds of data - timesheet reports, activity logs and more - and gives you useful insights into the life of your business. tak tak tak tak
Access levels Not all team members can and should see all data. Sugester makes managing access levels easy by giving the account owner the ability to granularly manage user privileges. tak tak tak tak
Funnel charts Funnel charts are an all-time favorite among salesmen. They're an easy way to visualize your sales funnel - from collecting leads to closing on deals. tak tak tak tak
Deal management Every deal has its own life cycle - from lead collection, through making contact, to closing a purchase. Sugester makes tracking these easy and convenient. tak tak tak tak
Integration with*Integrating your CRM with an e-invoicing solution is a convenience you'll fall in love with. Sugester's client database can by synced with your Invoiceocean and Bitfactura accounts, so you can seamlessly track your deals - from first contact to sale.

*Requires an Invoiceocan/Bitfactura/Fakturownia acccount
tak tak tak tak
Live chat integration*Keeping all your conversations with any given customer in a single place is a great way to make your work life simpler. Sugester CRM is integrated with our live chat app, so you can have real-time conversations with your users without even switching tabs.

*Requires the chat module to be enabled
tak tak tak tak
Activity log Keeping a keen eye on your business is a key part of being a successful entrepreneur. Sugester lets you log and browse any and all activities that take place on your account. tak tak tak tak
Response rating Effective communication is probably the best way of keeping your customers happy. The best way of making sure that you're actually communicating effectively is asking - just append a single-question survey to your emails to find out if your customers actually like your emails. tak tak tak tak
Employee profiles Employee profiles are where you can store the most important information about your team members in an accessible way. They can also be used to automatically generate email footers using our Handlebars variables. tak tak tak tak
IP restrictions Keep your internal data safe by setting IP restrictions - this way only people physically present in your office will be able to access your account. - tak tak tak
Client sheetsClient sheets are the best way to learn about your clients at a glance - they contain all necessary information, from names to photos, deals and meeting notes. tak tak tak tak
Contact historyYou can browse your entire contact history - live chats, emails and meeting notes - with just one click! tak tak tak tak
Client segmentationNeed to sort your clients into groups, or limit access to some part of your client database? Setting up segmentation within your client database takes just a few clicks. tak tak tak tak
Custom fields / columnsAlthough we do our best to anticipate all your needs, there is no way we can think about everything. This is why you can easily add your own fields (columns) to our CRM - just like in your favorite spreadsheet software. - tak tak tak
Customizable columnsDrag and drop columns to reorder them, or go into a menu to hide the ones you don't need. tak tak tak tak
Operators How many co-workers can use your Sugester account at the same time. 3 3 5 10
MailboxesHow many mailboxes you can send and receive email from using Sugester 3 5 20 50
Team managementRun projects, delegate tasks and track progress without leaving the browser! Sugester's task and project management capabilities make working in teams more pleasant and efficient than ever. tak tak tak tak
Own email domainsNo need to change email addresses and create unncessary confusion - Sugester allows you to keep on using your existing mailboxes. - tak tak tak
CustomizationWe know that every company is different - there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why we made Sugester deeply customizable - you can easily adjust many aspects of our app to best fit your individual needs. - - - tak
Dynamic email footers This feature enables you to use contextual data from your employee profile to generate personalized email footers based on a shared template. tak tak tak tak
Multiple footers Every mailbox in Sugester can have a separate, personalized footer. Footers can be designed using HTML, inline CSS and our Handlebars variables. tak tak tak tak
Canned responses Some customer questions have a way of repeating themselves. Save valuable time and never type the same answer twice again - just select a canned reponse from your list and fire off an email in seconds. tak tak tak tak
Email queue If your company gives out shared email addresses (such as, then you know that managing them can be a pain. Sugester lets you manage your shared email queue easily, and warns you in case more than one person is attempting to answer the same message. tak tak tak tak
Address sharing Sugester makes sharing addresses and using multiple outgoing addresses easy. No need to log in to a different account every time you want to choose a different e-mail address - just select the one you want from a drop-down list in the 'To' field. tak tak tak tak
Autoresponder You can set up an autoresponder for every mailbox configured to work with Sugester. The automatic replies can be dynamically adapted using our Handlebars variables. tak tak tak tak
Assign emails Sugester lets you transfer emails to other team members - this way they appear in their mailboxes without creating a messy forwarding chain. tak tak tak tak
Reply time tracking Make sure that business email gets answered in a timely manner - Sugester tracks the time it takes team members to reply to incoming email. tak tak tak tak
Postpone email Some emails do not warrant an immediate reply, but shouldn't be deleted. Just postpone them by a day or week - they'll pop back into your inbox at the right time. tak tak tak tak
Email filters Automatic filters let you perform complex actions without doing anything - just setup a filter and let it run. tak tak tak tak
Email priorities Some emails are more important than others - assign them priorities so you always know which ones need your immediate attention, and which ones can wait. tak tak tak tak
Micro mailing A better way to BCC: all your recipients will see their (and their only) email address in the 'To' field. tak tak tak tak
Internal comments Avoid email mishaps by choosing 'Internal comment - do not send' in the 'To' field. Your coworkers will see your note without the risk of saying something inappropriate to your customers. tak tak tak tak
Shareable link You can generate a shareable link to every email stored in Sugester - a convenient way to show something to people without forwarding emails or inviting them to your account. tak tak tak tak
View source Take a peek at your emails' headers and HTML structure. tak tak tak tak
Delivery tracking Never worry about 'undelivered emails' again - Sugester lets you track your emails throughout the delivery process. tak tak tak tak
Email rating Make sure that your customers are happy with your email support by appending a short, single-question survey to every outgoing helpdesk email. tak tak tak tak
Task management Create, edit, assign and manage tasks across your team. tak tak tak tak
Multiple departments or companies A convenient way to minimize cross-department noise while maintaining the convience of having all your team members on the same Sugester account. tak tak tak tak
Timesheets Timesheets are useful for billing and payroll; they can be based either on user-reported data or automated activity logging in Sugester. tak tak tak tak
Activity logging Sugester can log all activities performed within your account - a great resource to build reports, measure productivity and more. tak tak tak tak
Advanced search Search and sort your emails and tasks using such criteria as person assigned, date, priority, department and status, as well as natural language queries. tak tak tak tak
Collision detection Operators (agents) receive a a warning when another person is looking at the same email as them - a great way to avoid doing the same work twice. tak tak tak tak
Operators How many team members can use your account at the same time 3 3 5 10
ProjectsHow many projects you can create per month 3 5 30 tak
TasksHow many tasks you can create per month 100 1000 10000 30000
SpaceHow much cloud storage space is available on your Sugester account 1 GB 5 GB 20 GB 50 GB
Customization Different subscription plans allow differing levels of customization. - - - tak
E-mail integrationSugester can be easily integrated with your existing mailboxes - this way you can send and receive messages straight from your Sugester account, as well as take advantage of our advanced co-working features. tak tak tak tak
Task managementInvite your co-workers to Sugester and boost your team's productivity. Our extensive task management suite is a boon for 'regular' employees and supervisors alike. tak tak tak tak
Mobile notifications No need to install a dedicated Sugester app on your mobile devices - our push notifications only require you to have an up-to-date version of Google's Chrome browser. tak tak tak tak
Project templates No need to manually create the same tasks and projects over and over again - just do it once and create duplicates with a single click of the mouse. tak tak tak tak
Time tracking Knowing how long things take makes budgeting your limited time easier. Sugester allows you to either use a classic timer, or get insights based on automatic data collection within the app. tak tak tak tak
Reporting Unstructured information is just noise - it starts making sense only when it's shaped into something intelligible. Sugester's built-in reporting does just that - we whip your data into shape so you can actually benefit from it. tak tak tak tak
Group chat* Limit the number of apps you depend on by taking advantage of our built-in group chat feature.
*Requires enabling the chat module.
tak* tak* tak* tak* integrationKeep your client database synced between your invoicing app and your CRM thanks to this convenient integration. Sugester is compatible with InvoiceOcean, BitFactura, VosFactures and Fakturownia. tak tak tak tak
Live chat integrationEmbed a live chat on your comapny's website to increase customer engagement and provide better support. tak tak tak tak
Recurring tasks Some tasks need to be performed regularly. Whether it's comapny car maintenance or weekly sales reporting - just set up a recurring task to never forget about your routine duties again. tak tak tak tak
Project hierarchy Sugester's project management tools make it easy to reflect even very complicated workflows and structures, such as projects made up of multiple sub-projects. tak tak tak tak
Task priorities Some tasks are urgent, others - less so. Choose one of five priority levels for each tasks to always know which ones need to be completed first, and which ones can wait. tak tak tak tak
Time estimates Every task description can include an estimated completion time. This makes planning your work day and measuring productivity easier than ever. tak tak tak tak
Postpone tasks Move tasks to the next day, week or month without deleting them. tak tak tak tak
Attachments Easily attach files to new tasks. Attachments can be any files smaller than 10 MB. tak tak tak tak
Progress bar Easily track your projects' progress thanks to this intuitive feature. tak tak tak tak
Timer Find out exactly how long it takes you to perform a specific task using our timer. tak tak tak tak
Timesheets Quickly build itemized timesheets to be used for payroll, billing or other purposes. tak tak tak tak
OperatorsHow many team people can edit your knowledge base 3 3 5 10
Knowledge basesHow many knowledge bases you can have on your account. 1 5 20 50
Server space How much space you get for images, attachments and other files. 1 GB 5 GB 20 GB 100 GB
Facebook integrationFacebook integration allows users to vote, comment and view your knowledge base without creating a new login and password. - login only login + comments login + comments
Custom domainOnly paid accounts can display their knowledge bases under custom URLs (e.g. instead of - tak tak tak
Custom HTML & CSS Writing your own HTML & CSS allows you to heavily customize the look and feel of your knowledge base. - limited advanced advanced
SSO login supportSSO login allows users to login to Sugester using third-party credentials (e.g. their password and login from your company's internal portal) without revealing them to us. - - - tak
Custom SSLThis feature allows you to sign your knowledge base with a custom SSL certificate to promote information security. - - - tak
Categories Categories are a natural way of organizing content within your knowledge base. tak tak tak tak
Live search Live search improves content discovery and user satisfaction by displaying suggested search results while you're still typing your query. tak tak tak tak
Private knowledge bases Some knowledge bases are for select eyes only - set them to 'private' to easily restrict access to certain user groups. tak tak tak tak
Private categories You can hide entire post categories from select groups of users thanks to this simple feature. tak tak tak tak
Private posts Single posts can be hidden from select groups of users by ticking a single checkbox. tak tak tak tak
Post attachments Attach example files or other documents to your knowledge base posts. Attachments can be all files smaller than 10 MB. - tak tak tak
White label Maintain a consistent brand identity across your websites by removing all Sugester branding from your knowledge base. - - tak tak
Email notifications Receive notifications about new contributions, votes and comments on your knowledge base entries. tak tak tak tak
API Take advantage of our API to integrate third-party services with your knowledge base. tak tak tak tak
Content export Export your knowledge base contents as an XLS file for backup, version control or other purposes. tak tak tak tak
Google Analytics Easily integrate Google Analytics into your knowledge base to gain insights into your users' behavior. tak tak tak tak
IP restrictions Improve information security by limitng knowledge base access to certain IP ranges. - - tak tak
Multiple languages Easily maintain knowledge bases in multiple languages - we have translated our interface to Polish, Spanish, German, French and Dutch. You can also submit your own translations. - tak tak tak
Intuitive CMS Easily create well-formated entries using our graphical CMS - the interface is instantly familiar if you have ever used a graphical text editor such as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Write, Google Docs or similar. tak tak tak tak
Unlimited transfer There is no limit on how many people can visit your knowledge base. tak tak tak tak
OperatorsHow many team mebers can use your Sugester account. 3 3 10 10
ForumsHow many forums you can maange from your account. 1 5 20 50
Facebook integrationFacebook integration allows forum visitors to login, vote and comment using their Facebook accounts - no need to create new credentials. - login only login + voting login + voting
+ comments
Custom domainPlans with this feature allow you to set a custom URL for your forum - for example instead of - tak tak tak
Custom HTML & CSS Using your own HTML and CSS code is the best way of customizing the look and feel of your forum. - basic tak tak
SSO login supportThis feature allows users to login to your forum using third party credentials, such as their corporate intranet username and password, without ever showing these credentials to Sugester's servers. - - - tak
Custom SSLSecure your forum and get the green padlock icon next to its URL by installing a custom SSL certificate. - - - tak
Embeddable widget Get a short snippet of code and paste it into your website's source - a helpfeul feedback widget will appear on the page. tak tak tak tak
Statuses Show users that you're working on their submissions by changing their statuses. Example statuses could be 'accepted', 'rejected', 'solved', 'in progress' and so on. tak tak tak tak
Categories Categories help bring order to your forum. tak tak tak tak
Live search Live search means that suggested search results are displayed as soon as the user starts typing into the search box, rather than after they have submitted their complete query. tak tak tak tak
Gamification Encourage your users to contribute useful content by giving them points, ranks and titles. tak tak tak tak
Private forums Private forums are the perfect venue for conversations which are, well, private. tak tak tak tak
Private categories Create a private category to make a part of your forum available only to select users. - tak tak tak
Private posts Mark posts as private to conceal them from certain users. tak tak tak tak
Highlighted comments Highlight comments that you think are especially valuable to the community. - tak tak tak
Highlighted posts Highlight posts to make sure all users see important news and announcements. tak tak tak tak
Vote on submissions Let forum users vote on submissions to find out what they think is important. tak tak tak tak
ToS enforcement Require users to agree to your terms of service before they can start using your forum. - tak tak tak
Merge duplicate posts Avoid clutter by merging posts which contain duplicate content. - - tak tak
Block users Rid your forum of spammers, trolls and other undersirables. - - tak tak
Post attachments All posts can contain attachments. All files smaller than 10 MB can be attachments. - tak tak tak
Review before publishing Enable this option if you want all new submissions to be reviewed by a team member before they are published. tak tak tak tak
Separate user database Collects your new users' credentials in a separate database. Contact us at to enable this feature. - - - tak
White label Maintain a consistent brand identity across your web properties by removing all Sugester branding from your forum. - - tak tak
E-mail notifications Send and receive notifications about any and all events on your forum, such as new votes, comments and posts. tak tak tak tak
Mass mailing Connect with your forum's community by email. - tak tak tak
API Integrate your Sugester feedback forum with third-party apps. tak tak tak tak
Content export Export the contents of your forum as an XLS file for backup, analysis or any other purpose. tak tak tak tak
Google Analytics Plug Google Analytics into your forum to get deep insights into your visitor's behavior. Requires a Google analytics account. tak tak tak tak
IP restrictions Restrict access to your forum by blacklisting or whitelisting certain IP ranges. - - tak tak
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