About Sugester

About Sugester

Sugester, like many other startups, was created to fullfil an immediate need. Our previous project, InvoiceOcean, gained significant traction and customer support became a real issue. We tried the leading customer support solutions like Zendesk and Freshdesk, but found them to be bloated and expensive. So, we got to coding and built Sugester - the simplest and most powerful customer support tool ever. If you want, take a look at our short Slideshare presentation about this process. You can also learn more about Sugester's features here.

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About us

We are small team based in Warsaw, Poland. Our offices are located in Reaktor - a co-working space and startup incubator. Our team consists of 11 people:

  • Marcin Stefaniak - CEO,
  • Michał Stefaniak - CMO,
  • Paweł Deryło - co-founder,
  • Sylwia Cerecka - customer relations,
  • Zuzanna Jagnieszczak - customer relations,
  • Maria Seta - Spanish-language content management and customer relations,
  • Maciej Piekarniak - programmer,
  • Michał Zubrzycki - programmer,
  • Mateusz Kitlas - programmer,
  • Alexander Repnikov - programmer,
  • Maciej Satkiewicz - programmer

We have officialy founded Sugester on 04/03/2015 and have since then received 1,000,000 PLN (~$250,000) in funding from Inovo VC, a venture capital fund investing in Polish tech startups.

Our team

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