5 reasons why you should start gamifying

author Sugester Team , 2015-04-28

5 reasons why you should start gamifying

Gamification is the use of game mechanics outside of games. It's a great way to increase engagement in things which aren't normally perceived as fun. This is why gamification is a great way to improve both the atmosphere and productivity and your business.

One of the oldest and most popular uses of gamification is dividing online forum users into classes according to how many posts they write. This gives contributors incentive to create more valuable content. The same mechanic can be used in other areas of life - especially in business. Read below to see our 5 reasons why you should start gamifying.


  1. Gamification motivates. There is no need to explain the benefits of keeping your team motivated. Gamifying your employees' daily tasks is a good way of doing just that. All you have to do is create a list of tasks that need doing, assign them point values, and reward team members with points which can be exhanged for badges, titles or awards. This way gamification will directly benefit your team's satisfaction and productivity.
  2. Gamification helps you gauge productivity. Tracking the quality and quantity of work within your organization is useful both to you and your team. Gamification is a good way to do so in an informal, engaging way. When the time for the dreaded annual or semi-annual performance review comes, you will have a valuable collection of data to conduct it objectively. No need to go off subjective perceptions and frustrate your employess - just look at the statistics obtained from gamification.
  3. Gamification boosts learning. The more your team knows, the better they are at answering customers' questions. By gamifying your task management system, helpdesk or suggestions forum you will give employees extra motivation to give satisfying answers. Introducing competition as part of the system means that learning on the job is more fun and rewarding.
  4. Gamification gets you there quicker. Whether it's a large project or a minor task - employees motivated by gamification will complete their work quicker. Fostering a friendly and competitive atmosphere ensures that your team will try their best to keep ahead of deadlines.
  5. Gamification promotes a positive work culture. In a gamified work environment things get done because people want to do them, not because you tell them to. This means that gamification can significantly improve the atmosphere in your business as well as promote growth, bolster creativity and improve results.


As our list shows - you need to get gamifying as soon as possible. You could also consider using game mechanics on your user suggestions forum to decrease the workload on your customer support team, or much more - the sky is the limit.

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